12 new beautiful colors give you the look of frosted glass with the properties of solid surface at an affordable price.

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Bertch bathroom vanity cabinet and matching mirror

Bertch Cabinets

Rediscover the beauty of traditional cabinet-making.

Trying to plan the remodeling or building project for the bathroom? Then youíll want to visit the experts at Vendura and ask them about the variety of quality bathroom cabinets from Bertch.

Bertch cabinets are available in styles and finishes that will suit your tastes whether traditional or contemporary. And the sales team at Vendura will be sure to point out all of the details of handcrafted construction that goes into every piece of Bertch cabinetry. Precise joints and pure materials are combined with durable finishes to show you the cabinetmakers art at itís finest. And for the finishing touches, Venduraís Solid Surface vanity tops in various colors to complement any decor your project sacrificing quality. So, whether youíre looking for ideas or have specific needs in mind, stop in at Vendura and see how quality cabinetry from Bertch and tops from Vendura can fit into your plans.

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Bertch bathroom vanity with solid surface top Bertch bathroom cabinetry in white Bertch bathroom vanity cabinet with matching mirror
Bertch bathroom cabintry with vanity

Vanity Styles

Antigua Birch Natural

Bordeaux Birch Natural

Centennial Birch Natural

Donovan Birch Natural

Donovan No Base Birch Natural

Dresden Hard Rock Maple

Eclipse Hard Rock Maple

Gabrielle Birch Natural

Gabrielle No Base Birch Natural

Hudson Birch Natural

Insignia Hard Rock Maple



Kensington Birch Natural



Morocco Birch Natural

Nassau Birch Natural

Osage Birch Natural

Plymouth Birch Natural

Prism Hard Rock Maple

Romano Birch Natural

Santa Fe Birch Natural

Tiffany Birch Natural

Upton Birch Natural

Villager Birch Natural

Yorkton Birch Natural

Zurich Birch Natural

Stain Colors

Autumn Birch

Brindle Birch

Champagne Birch

Dawn Birch

Fawn Birch

Foil Caribbean White

Foil Cordovan Cherry

Foil Dark Chocolate

Foil Hard Rock Maple

Foil High Gloss Steel

Foil Light Blue Metallic

Foil Light Green Metallic

Foil Light Mahogany

Foil Linen

Foil Macassar

Foil Wenge

Foil White

Harvest Birch

Mocha Birch

Natural Birch

Rose Birch

Sable Birch

Toffee Birch

White Birch