12 new beautiful colors give you the look of frosted glass with the properties of solid surface at an affordable price.

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BioPreferred Certification

Vendura Beautiful, Durable and now BioPreferred

Vendura Solid Surface is certified as a BioPreferred product and will contribute to LEED- driven projects. Vendura is categorized under the Materials & Resources (MR)6 Rapidly Renewable Materials.

What is BioPreferred?

BioPreferred is a Federal program that increases the purchase and use of bio-based products made from biological or rapid renewable agricultural materials. Vendura® Solid Surface has made the effort to become BioPreferred certified because we recognize the importance of becoming a bio-friendly manufacturer.

By participating in BioPreferred, you can help:

  • Increase our energy security and independence. Replacing fossil energy-based products can help reduce our nation's dependence on oil and gas.
  • Spur economic development. Federal purchase of bio-based products can increase the demand for existing agricultural and forestry products and help create new manufacturing activity and jobs.
  • Improve our environment. Bio-based products promote the use of renewable resources and help us better manage our carbon cycle. Many bio-based products are environmentally friendly and bio-degradeable.
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