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Non-porous Vendura sinks resist staining and are easy to clean.


Vendura countertops are constructed using the finest materials by skilled craftspeople. Vendura is both laboratory and time tested to meet or exceed all known industry standards.

The "Look that Lasts" may easily be maintained, under normal circumstances, with little effort by using a spray window cleaner or warm, soapy water.

Since Vendura is nonporous; any stain on the surface will almost always disappear using the procedure indicated above. If a stain has dried, allow the spray or soapy water time to re-moisturize the area, after which the stain will wipe off. A bleach solution can also be used on Vendura surfaces.

If the stain is not water or oil based material, it may have to be gently scraped off using a plastic material, such as a plastic knife. After scraping the stain proceed with the normal cleaning methods.

Periodically you may wish to go over the entire surface evenly with a mild abrasive cleanser such as Soft Scrub™, Bon Ami™ or Barkeeper's Friend™.

To keep your countertop looking its best and to minimize care efforts, use a cutting board rather than slicing directly on your countertop. Your Vendura cutting board will provide an easily accessible cutting surface.

Vendura is heat resistant. However, the sudden application of a very hot material to a cold surface may cause a repairable crack. Likewise, exposure to a high heat source in a small area such as a crock-pot or an electric griddle may also cause a repairable crack. Use of a trivet is strongly recommended in these instances. Candles should not be allowed to burn directly on Vendura surfaces.

Vendura is also chemical resistant to most substances, but exposure to harsh materials such as paint remover or oven cleaner should be avoided. In case one of these materials contacting the Vendura surface it should be removed at once. If it is not, a professional repair or a replacement may be required.

Cuts and scratches may usually be removed easily by using a more aggressive cleansing powder such as Comet, a moistened SOS™ pad or a white Scotch-Brite™ pad. The entire surface must be gone over using the same procedure to maintain a uniform appearance. For a temporary gloss look, if you desire, a good quality furniture polish such as Pledge™ or an automotive polish (non-cleaner type) may be used.

Vendura's® goal is to provide you with long term use and enjoyment of all Vendura surfaces.

If you have further questions or comments, please contact our Customer Service Department by calling (800)-394-4524.

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